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I highly encourage you to visit Gaia Attuned, my blog on “Living in harmony with our planet, the animals and ourselves”. It’s a blog aimed at opening people’s eyes and presenting alternatives. We’re stuck in our comfort zones, making us used to a certain way of life which has us poisoning the planet, other creatures on it, our bodies, our minds and of course our spirits. It’s time to wake up and realize that the way we’re living is not giving us positive results nor bringing us much joy in the long run. We know that two main reasons why we do anything in life is either to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Lets gain some pleasure for our own years to come as well as the future generations, by setting positive examples and only doing things that empower us and make us grow. We don’t need majority of people doing this in order to change the world. Slavery was ended by a really passionate minority and I believe we can do the same again regarding the mass enslavement and slaughter of animals, pollution and recklessness towards our home, mother earth and of course enlightening ourselves by positive change.

Want to heal the environment? Heal the environmentalist!

All change comes from the inside first. Let’s liberate ourselves from the shackles of consumer capitalism and backwards agendas of global economy. Let’s only support the things which we believe in and truly vote with our wallets. Local, seasonal, organic and wild-crafted, raw plant based diet has cleansing powers for the body, mind and soul. Education, exercise, yoga, breathing, walking, loving, appreciating and being grateful will take us even further. Only then, we can truly help change the world. You can only love others if you love yourself first.


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Hey Raw Foodies, Vegans and curious ones. This will be an information website generally about what I’m up to!

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